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Digigraphie may be considered as the digital version of the lithography, a new horizon for art. The photographies printed as Digigraphies are characterized by a limited edition and the numbering and signing by the artist's hand. Each one is embossed with a dry-stamp and is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.



The use of the term Digigraphie relates exclusively to a print produced :



     - by a 7900 or 9900 model Epson Stylus Pro professional printer,

     - with Epson Ultra Chrome TM inks,

     - on certified art papers from Epson, Somerset, Arches, Canson, Hahnemühle, etc,

     - authenticated : numbered, signed by the artist, marked with the official relief stamp and accompanied by its certificate.


If one of these four obligations is not complied with, the printed work cannot, in any case, be qualified as Digigraphie. This obligatory qualification is the guarantee, for the artist as for his clients, of ensuring the fidelity and permanence of the reproduced work (estimated to be 60 to 100 years as per tests carried out by various independant institutes).


The Artist undertakes, in the context of the use of the Digigraphie label, to exclusively produce works in limited series. The concept of limited series is defined by three criteria freely determined by the Artist :


     - the number of proofs reproduced,

     - the format of the reproduction of the artwork,

     - the support on which it is printed.


If, for a defined series, the printer, paper or format is changed, it is obligatory that this becomes the subject of a new series. The artist undertakes not to exceed the determined print run number, as indicated on the Digigraphie certificate given to each acquirer of a work. If these commitments are not complied with, Epson will withdraw the embosser from the Artist, together with his referencing as a recognized Digigraphe.


The Epson-UK website lists all the digigraphies which are officially registered on account of each painter or photographer : if you are interested in any of the works presented on digi-katroz.fr , this will give you the opportunity to verify that it fully complies with the Digigraphie criteria. You may click here to see Claude Guillemet's registered list. 





In France, the official tax regulations have a specific designation for a "work of art", which is an original artistic work (including photos) being made in a series limited to 30 proofs, and the purchase of such a piece gives way in some cases to interesting tax reliefs. That is why I undertake to print a maximum of 30 proofs - and even less most of the time - of any digigraphy presented on this website. A buyer from another country may be interested in checking the opportunities in respect of local tax reliefs - if any. 


Epson-UK website explaining the Digigraphie system :                http://www.digigraphie.com/uk/index.htm

The website of the certified Digigrapher handling my works :                                              http://www.ancredigitale.com/


The Digigraphies are normally mounted on a Dibond aluminium sheet and shipped to France and EU in a strong parcel, care of an express company (FedEx or other). A modest contribution should be added to the price of the Digibraphy.

The Digigraphies can eventually be shipped free of charge to any country within European Community, carefully rolled in a strong carton tube - on receipt, it will then be the affair of the buyer to either frame the digigraphie or have it fixed on an accurate support, Dibond or other.

An estimated delay of 15 days is to be expected before shipment as the treatment is made by an external certified Digigrapher. 


The purchaser is granted a  delay of 7 working days after receipt to return the digigraphie in case of non-satisfaction, whatever the reason. The return expenses will remain at his charge, the original packaging being entrusted to the same carrier. The certificate of authenticity alltogether with the invoice will be posted after the 7-day delay has elapsed.  


Means of payment accepted :     prefered.

Should you be interested, please contact me by means of the questionnaire which you can open up by clicking on the green A question please ! button on each page. In order to avoid spamming, I am  obliged  not to openly show my e-mail address on this website, so this questionnaire is the only means by which to establish the first contact with me .... 

                             ... so please do not forget to type your own e-mail address if a reply is desired !



All information as well as the images on this site can be downloaded, reproduced, or printed, providing that :

- they be used for personal purposes and in no way commercial,

- none of the material from this website be modified or altered in any way,

- all copies made from this material show the following mention : " copyright Katroz ".


All other usage  is strictly forbidden without advance authorization in writing from Katroz.

Katroz is a registered trademark.


Claude Guillemet is a Member of  the International Academies "GRECI-MARINO" and "DEL-VERBANO" 
( as proposed by Mme Dominique LE  MAGOAROU - President delegate - FRANCE).



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